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To all list members,

This is my present thesis.

  Japanese Identity and Cultural Politics in the 1980s
>      From 1900 to the end of the Taisho era (1926), Japanese cinema was
> solely made for, and by the Japanese. As Japan modernized due to Western
> influence after the Taisho era, Japanese cinema bloomed with a variety of
> genres, and their national cinema had to appeal to foreign audiences, not
> only for domestic viewing and commercial success.
>      The period to be examined is the 1980s. Following numerous cultural,
> political and economic transformations after WWII and prior to the massive
> 1989 political and economic reforms, there are a number of themes related to
> Japanese identity that I propose to discuss and analyze in my thesis.
> Through the mediums of film and literature of the 1980s, I will study
> specific linguistic, social and psychological standards and contradictions
> of Japanese society. Among others I will be examining the works of Wakamatsu
> Koji, Oshima Nagisa and Imamura Shohei, and selected writers like Murakami
> Haruki, Yamamoto Michiki and Oe Kenzaburo, etc.
>      I plan to pursue and acquire the information through library research,
> interpretation of films, literature, and interviews. I will present my
> research findings in a minimum thirty-page paper.

This thesis is way to large to tackle. And I have decided to narrow down to
family structure through film and literature in Japan during modern times.
However, I can not decide on the time frame of analyzing the family
structure, perhaps from 1989 onwards because of major economic and political

The only films that come mind and I haven't been in touch with contemporary
Japanese films, is "Nobody Knows" by Hirokazu Nikeeda and Cafe Lumiere by
Tsai Ming Liang ( which was a tribute to Ozu, says Liang)...

Any suggestions about films, books, and on the thesis would be  highly


Abraheme Hassan
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