Japanese Thesis on Cultural Politics in Cinema in the 1980s

Abraheme Hassan abe.hassan2 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 15:33:35 EST 2009

Dear all list members,

      I am a graduating senior at Baruch College and currently writng a
thesis on the cultural politics in Japan in the 1980s. "Cultural politics
and identity through film and literature in Japan during the 1980s" is my
proposing thesis. As massive as the thesis can be, I need to narrow it to
thirty-to-fifty page paper. The proposal must be submitted by Feb. 27, and
paper done by May 24th.

     What I want to discuss and analyze are specific themes of Japanese
identity and cultural politics through film: sexuality, nationalism, and
language. Perhaps I should only analyze these themes through film? Or maybe
only sexuality in Koji Wakamatsu's films? I want to stay within the 1980s,
prior to the economic and political reforms in 1989. Any suggestions you
want to shed light upon or bring to focus? I really want this to be a
challenging thesis for me, consdering I am of Middle Eastern descent living
in New York my whole life. I have never been to Japan, but I have watched
Asian cinema since I can remember, especially films by Kurosawa and the Shaw


Abraheme Hassan
Baruch College, NY 10010
abe.hassan2 at gmail.com
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