Behind the pornographic stereotype?

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I'm about halfway through the book. It's a very interesting exploration of
pinku, exploring the different subgenres, from the more artistic to the
films just shy of being AV. It's fascinating how pink films are connected to
the new wave, ATG, and indie scenes, as well as the unique movie
distribution methods utlized by an endless list of companies most of which
are gone.

Sharp does touch on some of the mysogonistic impressions Western critics
have of pink films like Schwartz's review states, and does give some
interesting viewpoints. Ultimately, I appreciate the book as a thorough
history of a genre that is new to a lot of nonjapanese speaking film fans. I
don't feel the need for critical analysis in the book, but hopefully that
will come later as more folks get the opportunity to see the films.

It's also physically nice to look at with a lot of rare pictures and movie

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> Dear all,
> Just thought these recent reviews of Jasper Sharp's latest publication
> might interest some of you out there:
> Rob Schwartz`s review, from a few days ago:
> And Mark Schilling for the Japan Times:
> (Many thanks to Rob for the information)
> This is without any doubt a publication worth paying attention to (to
> say the least), and I sure wish I could hear more about it from other
> members of this list as well.
> Haven`t read it myself yet but I am looking forward to doing so as
> soon as possible.
> Hope someone can comment on it.
> Best regards,
> Rea
> Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku
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