"Shinjuku Ecstacy - Independent films from the Art Theatre Guild of Japan", NY 18.2.-1.3.

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Sun Feb 15 22:07:42 EST 2009

Thanks for the information. I have not been to NDL yet. I have used
the NDL-OPAC (http://opac.ndl.go.jp/index_e.html) database to get an
idea of what they have, assuming it is comprehensive. I would be happy
to be proved wrong.

I will go and take a look one of these days, I have been intending to
go for some other titles (that they do have on OPAC) anyway.

Alo Joekalda

2009/2/16  <amnornes at umich.edu>:
>> Also, the mention of Kuroki Kazuo reminds me, is any listmember aware
>> of a Tokyo rental shop or perhaps a library that has his "Shoki
>> kessaku shu" (黒木和雄初期傑作集) DVD box set? Tsutaya, Waseda University
>> Library and the National Diet Library apparently do not, so I have all
>> but lost hope of ever finding it...
> My memory of the NDL video collection is that the database is not online.
> You have to go in and check their holdings. This box set was produced after
> the copyright laws changed and started requiring the submission of copies.
> Have you actually tried visiting? I'm curious about this. When I asked about
> the library about the submission process, they said they were receiving
> pretty much everything outside of the pink films.
> Markus

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