"Shinjuku Ecstacy - Independent films from the Art Theatre Guild of Japan", NY 18.2.-1.3.

amnornes at umich.edu amnornes at umich.edu
Sun Feb 15 10:53:47 EST 2009

> Also, the mention of Kuroki Kazuo reminds me, is any listmember aware
> of a Tokyo rental shop or perhaps a library that has his "Shoki
> kessaku shu" (黒木和雄初期傑作集) DVD box set? Tsutaya, Waseda University
> Library and the National Diet Library apparently do not, so I have all
> but lost hope of ever finding it...

My memory of the NDL video collection is that the database is not  
online. You have to go in and check their holdings. This box set was  
produced after the copyright laws changed and started requiring the  
submission of copies. Have you actually tried visiting? I'm curious  
about this. When I asked about the library about the submission  
process, they said they were receiving pretty much everything outside  
of the pink films.


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