Okura Pro/Post-ShinTohou question

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Can anyone explain me what this following list refer to ?

I guess it lists some Shin-Toho production distributed by Nikkatsu and others,
following the studio bankruptcy. It also includes some Okura Pro related movies
.. were these films made during the Shin-Toho years but only released several
years later? (such as the Kobayashi Satoru?s Ama entry I didn?t know about).

The Okura case is really a fascinating one, I wonder how many of these movie did
actually survive (as example, there?s no complete version of Ishii?s White
Line!).  I thought ?Bloody Sword of the 99th virgin? was a lost movie until I
recently heard that it was  broadcasted on Sat-TV ! I wonder how many of the 
?TV-Sat gems? are buried in the Japanese collector?s DVD-R vault.



Selon Brian Ruh <brianruh at yahoo.com>:

> That does seem rather high for theatrical animation. I agree that it would
> seem more likely if we're actually talking about animation production across
> the board rather than just anime films.
> I'll look into the stats I have a bit further, although at immediate hand are
> a couple references that claim that by the early 2000s anime accounted for
> over half of the animated films shown worldwide (Yamazaki) and that "[b]y the
> 1980s, Japan had become a net exporter of programming, 56 percent of which
> was animation" (Stronach). Neither of which state the same thing you're
> trying to check, but someone might have confused the statistics.
> Yamazaki, Ryohei (2003) "The Contents Business: Japan Power and Some
> Challenges." Japan Close-Up, Dec. 2003: 13-18.
> Stronach, Bruce (1989) "Japanese Television," in Richard Gid Powers and
> Hidetoshi Kato (eds) Handbook of Japanese Popular Culture. New York:
> Greenwood Press. 127-165.
> == Brian
> --- On Thu, 2/5/09, Geir Friestad <geir at portman.org> wrote:
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> > Subject: Annual anime production?
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> > I'm currently doing a fact check on an upcoming book on
> > anime, and
> > one of the claims in it strikes me as rather exaggerated.
> > Basically,
> > it suggests that half of Japan's annual movie
> > production was animation
> > by 1999.

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