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Woops. I meant 'Mark'.
Sorry Mark - I really should have spotted that, as it's precisely the kind of mistake I always make.
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> Dear Robert,
> I appreciate the meaty posts from you, Aaron and others about the Japan 
> Foundation.  They have been skilfully informative and filled many gaps in my 
> knowledge.  But this, of course, is my point. It still remains today, on the 
> London office website, as I reported, that the only information on "film 
> loan" is under "funding", where most schedulers would not look.  And since 
> it seems to offer only the loan of a print in Tokyo, excluding shipping 
> costs, excluding rights fees, without any hint how to obtain, beforehand, a 
> "loan agreement made with the relevant distributors ", it's not obvious to 
> an innocent scheduler that anything has been offered at all.  It is 
> certainly not obvious that the JF has prepaid or preagreed exhibition fees 
> for many films, or that some are held more locally, or what vintage the 
> films are.  The posts on this thread clarify that something useful is 
> obtainable to well-connected academics and curators, but, in my opinion, if 
> the JF were ever to begin to get substantial take-up of those purchased 
> rights, they would need to reach out to a wider, and more provincial class 
> of arts programmers, to whom the existence of the list is, I still maintain, 
> a secret.
> Roger
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