Movie versions of Edogawa Ranpo works

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I wrote a long article on this very subject years ago for a now-defunct magazine called Japan: People Power Opinion. It was subsequently republished in Film International. I haven't got the references with me because I'm currently living out of a rucksack in Frankfurt. I think you should be able to track down the references online though.Jasper

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> Subject: Movie versions of Edogawa Ranpo works
> Hello everyone,
> I am currently researching film adaptations of Edogawa Ranpo's works.
> The films I know so far:
> - Sôseiji (Gemini) by Tsukamoto Shin'ya
> - Horrors of malformed men by Ishii Teruo
> - Blind Beast by Masumura Yasuzô
> - Injû/The beast in the shadows by Barbet Schroeder
> - Caterpillar by Wakamatsu Kôji (although I haven't seen this one yet)
> Can anyone provide me with other titles?
> Apart from the films I have yet to find some relevant academic material 
> (in either English, German or Japanese), dealing either with specific 
> films in comparison to the source material or writings about Ranpo in 
> general.
> Another interesting aspect would be the influence, some of his stories 
> apparently had on other works, such as the recent K-20 by Satô Shimako 
> or the anime series Meitantei Conan.
> So, if anyone knows about articles concerning this kind of relation, 
> please share your information.
> Any help much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jan-Christoph Mueller
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