Two questions regarding Masumura Yasuzo

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Sun Apr 4 20:49:56 EDT 2010

Also, I just located the reference for a new essay on Masumura, in  

Saito, Ayako. "Reading as a Woman: The Collaboration of Ayako Wakao  
and Yasuzo Masumura". Reclaiming the Archive: Feminism and Film  
History. Ed. Vicki Callahan. Wayne State University Press, 2010.

This book is scheduled for publication in less than two weeks.

Saito has also written an entire book on Wakao Ayako, which includes  
discussion of Masumura.

Finally, there is of course Yamane Sadao's "Masumura Yasuzo: Ishi to  
Shite No Erosu", which is probably the longest treatment in Japanese.


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