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In addition to "À la Découverte de Yasuzô Masumura" that appeared in  
the journal "Cinema", Rosenbaum also published this:

"Enlightened Madness." Film Comment 38.5 (2002): 32, 35-39.

However, it is a much shorter text, substantially different. I would  
recommend a more recent essay by Michael Raine, "Modernization without  
modernity: Masumura Yasuzô's Giants and toys (1958)" that appears in  
this book:

Phillips, Alastair, and Julian Stringer. Japanese Cinema : Texts and  
Contexts. London ; New York: Routledge, 2007.

"Texts and Contexts" is a fine collection, with a number of other  
essays that might be of interest to you.

In English, probably the most extensive treatments can be found in  
three dissertations by Yoshimoto, Raine, and myself. You can order  
them from Proquest.

Roberts, Mark Downing. "Masumura Yasuzô and the Cinema of Social  
Consciousness." Thesis (Ph D in Rhetoric). University of California,  
Berkeley, 2007.

Raine, Michael John. "Youth, Body, and Subjectivity in the Japanese  
Cinema, 1955-1960." The University of Iowa, 2002.

Yoshimoto, Mitsuhiro. "Logic of Sentiment: The Postwar Japanese Cinema  
and Questions of Modernity (Melodrama, Sentimentality, Kurosawa Akira,  
Masumura Yasuzo, Ozu Yasujiro, Oshima Nagisa)." PhD. U.C. San Diego,  

These dissertations are, of course, research in progress, but they  
contain longer analyses of specific films. I believe Michael is  
working on a book, as am I.

There are also some older works in French and Italian, most already  
cited in this thread. The complete reference for the essay by Le Pape  
and Tessier is:

Le Pape, Jean-Paul, and Max Tessier. "Yasuro Masumura et les  
Modernistes du 'Taiyozoku'."  Le Cinema Japonais Au Present:  
1959-1979. Paris: Lherminier, 1980.

In Italian, there is also this, though I have not read it:

Miccich, Lino. "Da Masumura a Oshima."  Il Nuovo Cinema Degli Anni  
'60. Roma: ERI, 1972.


M. Roberts

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