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Here's an announcement about the newly published of Iconics, the  
international journal of the JASIAS. It features several articles by  
KineJapan members, including Jonathan's provocative piece on the  
neglect of psychoanalysis in Japan film studies, Naoki's  
groundbreaking work on why Bluebird films were so important in  
Japanese film history, and Ryan's deft analysis of the peculiar  
connections between Oshima and Hasumi on sex and cinema.

The Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences has just published the  
10th issue of Iconics: International Studies of the Modern Image (ISSN  
1345-4447), featuring articles by major scholars in English and French  
on cinema and other modern image media. The table of contents is as  

Pragmatism and the Interpretation of Films
- Martin Lefebvre

La Fin du Grand Sommeil de l'Introuvable Dame du Lac
- Marc Cerisuelo

Liquid Cinema and the Watery Substance of Vision
- A. L. Rees

Kinodrama and Kineorama: Modernity and the Montage of Stage and Screen
- Okubo Ryo

The "Eternal Virgin" Reconsidered: Hara Setsuko in Contexts
- Kanno Yuka

Strange Bedfellows: Hasumi Shigehiko and Oshima Nagisa on Sex,  
Censorship and Cinema
- Ryan M. Cook

Where Did the Bluebird of Happiness Fly?: Bluebird Photoplays and the  
Reception of American Films in 1910s Japan
- Yamamoto Naoki

Kneeling on Broken Glass: Psychoanalysis and Japan Film Studies
- Jonathan M. Hall

Iconics is published once every 2 years as the international journal  
of the JASIAS and introduces articles in English, French and German.  
The Society also publishes the journal Eizogaku twice a year in  
Japanese. Iconics features refereed submissions from JASIAS members  
and invited articles by major world scholars, as well one translated  
article that was selected by the editorial board as the best piece  
published in the previous two years in Eizogaku (Okubo Ryo's article  
is that piece in Volume 10).

For a list of the contents of previous issues of Iconics, please  
consult the JASIAS website:


Inquiries about acquiring single issues of Iconics or starting a  
subscription, or about joining the JASIAS (Japan's largest film and  
modern image media studies society), can be addressed to the JASIAS  
office: jasias at nihon-u.ac.jp

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