Anyone doing Kurosawa (Akira) these days?

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I'm now exchange researcher at Waseda university. And my research proposal is Kurosawa Akira. I've also written a paper for this number of Trafic, called Body Weight.
I would be very happy to meet other researchers on Kurosawa.
Best wishes,

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Hello Markus

I'm afraid it won't fit your demand actually, but I just wanted to make an announcement for french readers : the next number of french review Trafic will propose a tokushu about Kurosawa with several papers, including one by french cinematographer Luc Moullet, and another by myself (mine is about the 1948-1957 body of films, considered as strictly coherent : I focus on its aesthetic dynamics, i.e. structural entropy, splitting of self (thanks to illness), and the beam of lines as a visual signature and the center of this system - with Kumonosujo being the greatest achievement of it... Well I suppose I should write an english abstract, that would be much clearer...). 
The best thing being the translation of a 1950 text by Kurosawa himself...
To be published next June or sooner, I think.

Mathieu Capel

2010/3/30 Mark Nornes <amnornes at>

Greetings all, 

Michigan is showing a season of Kurosawa Akira films next fall. I'm hoping to bring some scholars in to talk Kurosawa, if the Center buys the idea. Is there anyone out there doing new work on Kurosawa these days? I'd like to know about what you're up to.


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