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Sorry to party-poop, but just to warn those interested in this material 
that Lumiere Brother's footage even from the 1890s is not necessarily PD. 

For a whole range of reasons (moral rights laws in various countries, etc, 
the version you use might be a restoration of recent years, etc etc) you 
may need to discuss public screenings with Association Frères Lumière, a 
trust which is manged through the CNC archive in France. This link has 
some legal background, in English:

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Hi there,

There was a gray-market 4 DVD set that was made from, I believe, a TV2 
France broadcast of "Les films Lumière" in the mid-90s. There was also a 
Japanese laserdisc made from the same source (which may have also been 
broadcast of Japanese television). Both disc versions include French and 
Japanese subtitles and narration.

Just a quick scan of the menus show the following Japanese films (the 
number in brackets is the catalog number):

Acteurs Japonais : Exercice de la perruque [977]
Japonaise faisant sa toilette [1027]
Danse Japonaise III. Gueichas en Jinrikicha [1023]
Escrime au sabre japonaise [926]

If you know the name of any other specific titles you are looking for I 
can check the menus to see if the film is included.

... there are *cough cough* other ways of procuring the 4 DVD set. Please 
contact me off-list.


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There was a Kino dvd, "Lumiere  Brothers' First Films"  (1996) that is now 
out of print. I am not sure the Japan films were included, though, or what 
the rights for use of the footage from the DVD entail.

Joanne Bernardi

-- "Jonathan M. Hall" <jmhall at> wrote:
> Dear All,
> If someone has an answer, I hope they might be willing to share the 
source more generally.
> I'd also love to know if this footage is on DVD.
> Jonathan M Hall
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> Dear KineJapaners,
> I was wondering if anyone on the list knew where I could obtain a DVD 
version of the Lumiere Brothers Japan footage from 1895? I was looking for 
something in the public domain that I could loop and project during an 
event that I am organizing in November. Please contact me off-list if you 
know where I can obtain a copy of this footage.
> Best regards,
> Rob Buscher
> MA Candidate Japanese Film Studies SOAS
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