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Not off the top of my head, but the sentence, "Conceived in this sense, History is what hurts, it is what 
refuses desire and sets inexorable limits to individual as well as 
collective praxis, which its 'ruses' turn into grisly and ironic reversals of their overt intention," appears on p. 102 (the final page of Chapter 1) of The Political Unconscious. The Japanese translation recently came out in paperback: 


I unfortunately don't have a copy, and neither, according to WorldCat, does any library in the U.S. Since it's a Heibonsha paperback, an informant in Japan (or you, if you're there) could probably find this in any larger bookstore and look it up in a jiffy.


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Does anyone know how people have rendered Jameson's famous phrase "History of what hurts" in Japanese?


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