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Colleen Laird colleenalaird at
Tue Aug 10 01:25:21 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm looking for one or two more presenters to join my panel on Female Filmmakers in Mainstream Markets for the 2011 SCMS conference in New Orleans.

Conference forum posting below:

I am looking for participants for a panel on female film directors in contemporary cinema industries. Although my own personal interests concern female cinema authorship in Japan, I am open to collaborating with researchers across national cinema boundaries for an interesting and fruitful discussion. In particular, I welcome papers concerning the complicated relationship between female authorship and female spectatorship as perhaps mediated by the structure of film industries, as well as considerations of how contemporary female filmmakers in mainstream markets engage or disengage with projects of local feminisms.

My own proposed paper discusses the politics of cinematography and composition in films by Nishikawa Miwa and Ogigami Naoko that arise from the context of the current (Japanese) industry generated Girl’s Cinema market.

Please contact Colleen A. Laird at claird at ASAP to express interest.

Colleen A. Laird
Doctoral Candidate
Japanese Cinema and Gender Studies
Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
University of Oregon

2010-2012 Monbusho Research Scholar
Tsukuba University

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