Nihon eiga wa ikite iru

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Hello Professor Gerow,

As you said in your blog, "While I am not a big fan of the title, ..." I am
wondering what's your opinion of this title, and how do you like the
attitude or meaning behind the title.

Honestly, "Nihon eiga wa ikite iru" is actually how I, a Chinese fan of
Japanese movies, think of the situation of the Japanese movie industry and
its influence in East Asia. It is not popular or strong as it was, but
when we see a couple of good movies coming out every year,  we will
say,"Nihon eiga wa ikite iru."

Thank you very much

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King's College London

2010/8/8 Aaron Gerow <aaron.gerow at>

> The first volumes in Nihon eiga wa ikite iru, the first "koza" on Japanese
> film to come out of Iwanami Shoten since the famous Koza Nihon eiga, have
> just been published. So far, volume 1, an overview of the issue of Japanese
> film, and volume 6, on anime, have been printed. I am on the editorial board
> and a number of KineJapan members have participated in other ways.
> I have more specifics on my site:
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> Film Studies Program/East Asian Languages and Literatures
> Director of Undergraduate Studies, Film Studies
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