Self-introduction and query

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Dear Fiorenzo,
I don't know the extent of your knowledge regarding Japanese Film composers, so I apologize if my suggestions seem obvious. Look into Kanno Yoko's soundtrack work on Watanabe Shinichiro's anime series Cowboy Bebop. The former is a clever pairing of Space/Tech Noir imagery with an interesting mixture between blues, jazz, and cowboy western that works surprisingly well. Also, not quite film, but you should look into Uematsu Nobuo's soundtrack work on the Final Fantasy video game series. Finally check out Hisaishi Joe's work in the Studio Ghibli animes, and also in Kitano 'Beat' Takeshi's films- Sonatine (1993), Kid's Return (1996), Hana-bi (1997), Kikujiro (1999), and Dolls (2002). 
I hope that gives you something to go on, sorry if you already know them. 
Regards,Rob BuscherSOAS MA Candidate Japanese Film Studies
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> Fiorenzo Palermo
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> British New Music of 1960s and 1970s
> Dear all,
> I am a PhD student in London researching on experimental, improvised and electro-acoustic music, especially the work of the British composer and instrument inventor Hugh Davies.
> I look forward to developing my knowledge in Japanese film through this list, also I would much appreciate if you could advise or recommend any study of Japanese film music.
> With best wishes,
> Fiorenzo
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