Pre-grad school Japanese/East Asian Studies programs?

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Dear all:

These responses are thoughtful and very helpful.  I appreciate all of your
feedback!  I'll definitely be following up on these ideas.  In the meantime,
if you have a sinecure you could set up, I'm all ears... :-)

Benito Cachinero

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 8:41 PM, Aaron Gerow <aaron.gerow at> wrote:

> Others have mentioned other MA programs, so I thought I should mention the
> MA program in East Asian Studies at Yale. It is a year long, groups together
> people of different disciplines, but tends to be well-funded (which means
> fellowship money for students). Some think it is a bit short, but it might
> be good in your case as you want to get acclimated to grad school before
> taking the PhD plunge. You can of course do Japanese language work as well
> as a lot of film and literature. Yale has the combined PhD program in East
> Asian film, and one of our current doctoral students started out in the MA
> (and applied to the PhD during that year). It is a good stepping stone to
> that program.
> It is of course too late to apply for this fall, but feel free to contact
> me off list if you have any questions.
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