Shohei Imamura - Buta to Gunkan

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There is a book version with the script, but I think it's only at Waseda. 

It's also in the Nihon Shinario Taikei vol. 4 (Shinario Sakka Kyokai, 1974), so you should be able to get it through ILL. 


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On Feb 15, 2010, at 1:07 PM, Soria Diaz, Judith wrote:

>  Hi! I am doing research on the filmography of Shohei Imamura. Currently I am working with his film "Buta to Gunkan" (Pigs and Battleships) and cannot find a version of the DVD with Japanese subtitles. Does anyone now where/how I could find a transcript of the film-dialogues in Japanese?

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