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As I've done some research on North Korean Cinema recently I found out that
a few Japanese films have been shown on North Korea screens. Actually I
could not track down any exact numbers or facts. Rumor has it, that a
handfull films by Yamada Yoji (The Family, Tora-san?) were screened but not
sure if they were shown in "normal" cinemas (if they exist(ed) in North
Korea at all?), were part of a retrospective and/or part of another event?
No word on how and if any major Japanese filmstudio, in this case Shochiku,
was involved. 


Can anybody give any advice where to look for such numbers or facts? 

I know that in the case of North Korea it's some sort of
black-information-hole but if anybody knows where to look I'd highly
appreciate it. 


How about the other way around? Did North Korean films go to Japan at all? 


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