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Aaron is of course right to point out that conventions are to be taken into consideration. I was negligent to call the transcription Nihon eiga for the magazine as "wrong", which of course it is not according to our conventions. What I wanted to say is that we have to recognize that readings we take for granted today are not necessarily the readings that were used at the time of its publication/release. Someone who bought the magazine we usually refer to as Nihon eiga at the time it was issued (April 1936 to March 1945) did not ask for the new issue of Nihon eiga, but he asked for the new edition of Nippon eiga. Why do we know? Because it says so in the impressum: The "NIPPON EIGA" Published Monthly by the DAINIPPON EIGAKYOKAI.

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> in the magazine Nippon eiga (which - another pitfall - is often
> wrongly transcripted as Nihon eiga)

This is actually just as difficult a problem. "Nihon eiga" is how it
is catalogued in the Diet Library and how most of the libraries in the
world render it (though some add Nippon eiga as an alternative
reading). That may be a matter of convention--the US Library of
Congress, for instance, stipulates rendering 日本 as Nihon unless
otherwise specified--but it has also become the conventional reading.
I always render it Nihon eiga because if my readers want to look up
the journal in the library, that is what they should look under.

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