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About Isolde Standish's book, is there an affordable edition ?
The content seems very interesting, but the price is rather expensive (200$!!)

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Dear all, 
I'll take advantage of Marco's post to introduce myself, give a couple of titles and ask a question to you all. My name is Laura Treglia and I am a PhD student at SOAS (London). My project focuses on female outlaws in yakuza eiga (e.g. Hibotan Bakuto and Gokudō no Onnatachi) and Tōei so-called 'pinky violence' films. 

@Marco: Isolde Standish's "Myth and masculinity in Japanese cinema: towards a political reading of the 'tragic hero' " 
Marc Schilling's " Yakuza movie book, a guide to Japanese gangster films 
Chris Desjardins' "Outlaw masters of Japanese cinema" 

are a must have. 
There's also an article by MR Novielli in Asiatica Venetiana entitled "Le stagioni dell'eroe. Un culto in divenire tra jidaigeki, chanbara e yakuza eiga". 
These are the very first that popped into my mind, but you'll see there has been written a lot on the topic. Hope this helps for now. 

I would also like to ask a question about where could I find audience data about 'pinky violence' films reception in 1970s Japan, or Japanese cinema journals that may have treated the topic/reviewed some films 
(e.g. Y ōen Dokufu Den series, Yasagure Anego Den, Furyō Anego Den, etc..) 

Thanks very much in advance 

All the best 

Il giorno 24/mar/10, alle ore 20:11, Marco Marattin ha scritto: 

Hello, my name is Marco, I am a student of japanese language and culture at the university of Venice. 

I am planning to write a thesis about the yakuza eiga, particularly on Suzuki Seijun and Fukasaku Kinji among others, so I would like to know if there's anyone who could help me finding some articles or books about them both in english and japanese. 

Thank you 


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