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Dear all,

I am lookin for the original american movie poster of Ai no corrida ?
Do you know where I could find a good digital image of it ?

I am looking for some informations about a Shochiku movie, called "Yamato damashii" (1924).
It was released in France as "Yamato le bucheron" (yamato the lumberjack)

Cinématheque Française

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> > I have found Nihon Eiga Jinmei Jiten [Kinema Jumpo] to be most reliable for bios, but there must also be a lot online.
> An even more complete source is the Tarento meiboroku, or what is usually called just the "Red Book" (guess why). It doesn't have the nice bios of the KJ dictionary. It's strictly contact info, as it's the book the industry uses to find people. 
> There are other sources as well, all in the Research Guide. The Red Book, and its companion Green Book, are updated every year so you can usually find them dirt cheap at the furuhonya. A nice thing to have on your shelf.
> Markus 
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