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Name: Matt Swift

Institutional affiliation or job: Ohio State University Film Studies
Program / Academic Advisor, Lecturer and Production Lead for "The
Journal of Short Film"

City and country: Columbus, Ohio/ USA

Research projects or publications: I have been working on the
representations of orphan characters in both US based media and
international media for some time. A great deal of this research was
inspired by the difference in treatment of the character between
countries, specifically U.S. and Japan.

Interests with regard to Japanese film and moving image media: I am both
a producer of media arts as well as a researcher. The majority of my
work and research is inspired by understanding the differences in how
concepts, characters, narratives, etc. are represented worldwide. I have
a particular interest in Japanese culture and media production that
developed as an undergraduate at Ohio State University while studying
both meditational arts and Japanese painting traditions.

I look forward to participating in the KineJapan discussions.



Matt Swift

Academic Advisor

Film Studies Program

Smith Laboratory, Rm 4108

174 W. 18th Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210

(614) 292-6044

filmstudies at <mailto:filmstudies at> 


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