The representation of the black other in Japanese film

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I remember this discussion from last summer, and a lot of titles came up, many of which are probably going to be very difficult for you to track down.
But there's a few things one should bear in mind when approaching this sort of subject through only a handful of a few select films, otherwise you'll only be able to end up expanding general points from specific details within the films. I don't know what conclusions you might draw from watching titles like The Harimaya Bridge, but it is worth pointing out that the film was made by an American, not a Japanese director, and also that it was not a commercial hit in Japan. It is, in fact, a terrible film that no one ever needs to see, whatever culture they might belong to! 
Anyway, good luck with your research!

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> Hi,
> a recent movie is "The Harimaya bridge" $B$O$j$^$d66(B.
> Jan-Christoph
> ROHAN Singh schrieb:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I am currently writing a disseration on the representation of the 
> > black other in Japanese film. I have seen World Apartment Horror 
> > (1991) so far, and was wondering if anyone can recommend any other 
> > films with roles played by black actors or actressess no matter how 
> > small the appearance might be.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Rohan Singh
> >
> >
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