3 Japanese fantasy cinema titles needed

Claudia Anderson 204172 at soas.ac.uk
Fri Mar 5 09:28:05 EST 2010

Thankyou Mark for the point on the celluloid subtitles. I have another
related question on the comparison of subtitle translation over time - I
have struggled to find much more literature beyond 'Cinema Babel' that
examine subtitle translation over time, particularly for Japanese cinema -
does anyone know what other literature there is on this subject?


On 4 March 2010 18:21, Mark Nornes <amnornes at umich.edu> wrote:

> Dear Claudia,
> Be careful if you are making claims about the translations vis a vis the
> historical contexts of the films. Subtitles for DVDs are generally different
> than the original release subtitles. And I suspect that in this genre, most
> fantasy films from Japan were dubbed into English in the 60s and 70s. To be
> confident, you would want to use a video where the subs were burned or
> printed onto the celluloid. Even then, you would want to be careful.
> An alternative would be looking into the BFI or other archives for any
> distributor collections. They might have materials like the original
> subtitle list on paper. I saw materials like this in the Academy library
> (though not for Japanese film). Even better, if there are any of those
> distributors still around ask them directly. And if you can identify
> translators by name, they might actually have scripts in their own files.
> Good luck. I look forward to seeing your work!
> Markus
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>  On Mar 3, 2010, at 6:06 PM, Claudia Anderson wrote:
>  Hi all,
> I have posted here regarding the same research project before, and I have
> got to the stage of doing my own close analysis of subtitle translation of 3
> films in different eras.  However, I am not so au fait with the range of
> fantasy films on offer, so I would be eternally grateful if somebody could
> suggest 3 Japanese fantasy film subtitles, one film from the 60s, one from
> the 80s, and one from this decade, and ones that have been subtitled into
> English. I am also looking for the scripts of the original japanese
> dialogues, and should be able to find them myself, but if anyone has links
> to those as well, that would be ideal. I have chosen the genre of fantasy
> due to its tendency to lend itself to opportunities for 'creative'
> translations.
> Regards,
> Claudia
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