3 Japanese fantasy cinema titles needed

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Dear Claudia, 

Be careful if you are making claims about the translations vis a vis the historical contexts of the films. Subtitles for DVDs are generally different than the original release subtitles. And I suspect that in this genre, most fantasy films from Japan were dubbed into English in the 60s and 70s. To be confident, you would want to use a video where the subs were burned or printed onto the celluloid. Even then, you would want to be careful. 

An alternative would be looking into the BFI or other archives for any distributor collections. They might have materials like the original subtitle list on paper. I saw materials like this in the Academy library (though not for Japanese film). Even better, if there are any of those distributors still around ask them directly. And if you can identify translators by name, they might actually have scripts in their own files. 

Good luck. I look forward to seeing your work!


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On Mar 3, 2010, at 6:06 PM, Claudia Anderson wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have posted here regarding the same research project before, and I have got to the stage of doing my own close analysis of subtitle translation of 3 films in different eras.  However, I am not so au fait with the range of fantasy films on offer, so I would be eternally grateful if somebody could suggest 3 Japanese fantasy film subtitles, one film from the 60s, one from the 80s, and one from this decade, and ones that have been subtitled into English. I am also looking for the scripts of the original japanese dialogues, and should be able to find them myself, but if anyone has links to those as well, that would be ideal. I have chosen the genre of fantasy due to its tendency to lend itself to opportunities for 'creative' translations.
> Regards,
> Claudia

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