KANI-KOUSEN(WAS Re: Japan's stunning "A Normal Life, Please", to be screened at HSDFF in AR.)

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Anne and MEK,

Yep, Anne is so right there. I've read the original during my elementary school era...
Found it the recent one directed by Sabu too commercial as my parents(as well as my grandparents) had taught me what it was like when Takiji got arrested.
Isn't it amazing that my school principal refused to build a "Houanden" due to the lack of budget? I still believe that he lied to keep his faith... I mean, he wanted to resist and demanded freedom for his students.

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On 10/09/30 3:49, Anne McKnight wrote:
> Well, s/he assumed I referred to the film version of Kani k��sen, directed by Sabu, and released in 2009. The crypto-critique that followed was, I suspect, directed at the film.
> Actually, I meant the original 1929 work of fiction by Kobayashi Takiji.
> But his/her mis-interpretation--or my lack of clarity--does bring up an interesting question, with respect to the film and the lingering/surging concerns about neo-liberalism in contemporary Japan (and elsewhere, I would imagine). I find it fascinating that Kobayashi's work has again become a point of reference. (Norma Field and Heather Bowen-Struyk have written essays in Japan Focus about the "Kani k��sen boom," for more background...there are some nice Amamiya Karin taidans out there, too, connecting to freeter issues)
> What was the reception of the film, anyway? I had the impression (based on after-screening 'talk shows' and press at the time) that Sabu was not so interested in high fidelity to the original. But that he cared about hooking up a new audience to labor issues.
> Were there conversations that followed out of the film, r did it pretty much sail off into the sunset?
> On Sep 29, 2010, at 11:33 AM, Michael Kerpan wrote:
>> Am I alone in finding this posting utterly mystifying?
>> MEK

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