my new book, "The Last Silent Picture Show"

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Some members of KineJapan may be interested in my new book, "The Last  
Silent Picture Show: Silent Films on American Screens in the 1930s," which has  
just been published by Scarecrow Press. I had posted here earlier regarding 
it.  In one chapter, I discuss the screenings of Asian silent films 
(including  Japanese) in the US in the 1930s. You can learn more about it and where 
to order  at: _ 
(    This was 
posted by my friend, Marilyn Slater, at her great Mabel Normand website  and 
has links to Amazon and Scarecrow.
Also, are any KineJapan members planning to attend this year's Pordenone  
Silent Film Festival (October 2-9)? _ 
(    One of their highlights this year 
is their retrospective of the silent films of  Hiroshi Shimizu, Kiyohiko 
Ushihara, and Yasujiro Shimazu. This series includes a  number of films of 
which I wrote in my article on Shimizu at: 
(    and one I did on Ushihara's "Shingun" at: 
_ (   
William M. Drew
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