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Hello Roger,

Sorry to get to this late. The allcinema site seems to be pretty good about listing release dates for foreign films. You can search by English title. Some prewar but mostly postwar.

They show the following dates: 
The Steel Bayonet, 1957; 1957.09
The Enchanted Island, 1958; not listed
Yesterday's Enemy, 1959; 1959.07
The Stranglers of Bombay, 1959; 1961.10
The Mummy, 1959; 1959.08

So I think you're right about the "global simulteneity" of cheesy cinema! It would be interesting to find out more about how these films were designated and shown. One question: I have a nice graph of the number of "seijin eiga" from 1958 through the 1960s, with an obvious inflection point when pink films started. But does anyone have a *list* of what films were designated as "seijin eiga" before 1963? I don't remember seeing one in any of the material on Eirin. 


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One idea Roger, is to check the Japanese language websites Moviewalker and Goo, which (not always) give Japanese release dates and the Japanese distributor.

Walkerplus is by far the better of the two, but check out the kind of information for these- my example being Bwana Devil:

The pain is you have to know the Japanese release title (or probably more easily, search by the director's kana), but there are ways of finding this using wikipedia or google.

I personally don't think Shintoho were influenced by Hammer, because a number of Nakagawa's more famous works actually proceeded the Hammer versions of Dracula and Frankenstein.
Also, remember Daiei were pretty active in the genre already in the early 1950s with their Ghost Cat films. Put it down to synchronicity, I would.

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