RJCS 22: Decentering Theory: Reconsidering the History of Japanese Film Theory

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Thanks for the information -- this looks truly ground-breaking, and congrats
to everyone involved.


On 26/03/11 11:58 AM, "Aaron Gerow" <aaron.gerow at yale.edu> wrote:

> I am pleased to announce the publication of Issue 22 of the Review of
> Japanese Culture and Society dedicated to the theme, "Decentering
> Theory: Reconsidering the History of Japanese Film Theory." This is
> the first publication in a non-Japanese language to consider the rich
> and varied history of Japanese film theory. It presents both
> translations of some of the major works and scholarly analyses of
> those theorists and their historical contributions to film thought. A
> major theme throughout the issue is the unique problem of how to
> approach and define film theory in Japan.
> Thinkers represented include Nakai Masakazu, Hasumi Shigehiko, Yoshida
> Kiju, Imamura Taihei, Gonda Yasunosuke, Sato Tadao, Kitada Akihiro,
> and Nakamura Hideyuki, with works ranging in era from 1914 to 2011.
> They all focus on questions of the status of cinema and how to
> approach it, but other topics broached include animation, early
> cinema, mediation, spectatorship, documentary, meaning, and Ozu
> Yasujiro. A translation of one of Akutagawa Ryunosuke's "film scripts"
> is also included.
> The Review of Japanese Culture and Society is published by Josai
> University in Japan. Single issues can be purchased for $20.00 (US):
> http://www.josairjcs.com/subscriptions.html
> Aaron Gerow, Introduction: The Theory Complex
> Sato Tadao, Does Film Theory Exist in Japan?
> (translated by Joanne Bernardi)
> Gonda Yasunosuke, The Principles and Applications of the Moving
> Pictures (Excerpts)
> (translated by Aaron Gerow)
> Aaron Gerow, The Process of Theory: Reading Gonda Yasunosuke and Early
> Film Theory
> Imamura Taihei, A Theory of the Animated Sound Film
> (translated by Michael Baskett)
> Imamura Taihei, A Theory of Film Documentary
> (translated by Michael Baskett)
> Irie Yoshiro, Approaching Imamura Taihei: Film Theory and Originality
> (translated by Phil Kaffen)
> Nakai Masakazu, Film Theory and the Crisis in Contemporary Aesthetics
> (translated by Phil Kaffen)
> Kitada Akihiro, An Assault on ³Meaning²: On Nakai
> Masakazu¹s Concept of ³Mediation²
> (translated by Alex Zahlten)
> Yoshida Kiju, My Theory of Film: A Logic of Self-Negation
> (translated by Patrick Noonan)
> Patrick Noonan, The Alterity of Cinema: Subjectivity, Self-Negation,
> and Self-Realization in
> Yoshida Kiju¹s Film Criticism
> Ryan Cook, Hasumi Shigehiko and Film Theory
> Nakamura Hideyuki, Ozu, or On the Gesture
> (translated by Kendall Heitzman)
> Fiction:
> Akutagawa Ryunosuke Asakusa Park: A Certain Film Script
> (translated by Kyoko Selden)
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