Godzilla and the current nuclear crisis in Japan, AAS conference

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Peter Kirby, the author of this article, lectured last night at Oxford Brookes 
University at my invitation on Godzilla, nuclear weapons and nuclear power. 
Obviously the theme of the talk had been decided months ago, and no one expected 
it to be so grimly apposite. 

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Great article, Michael. Thanks for the link.  On a side note, I'm wondering if 
any KineJapaners will be attending the Association for Asian Studies Conference 
in Honolulu at the end of this month... Apparently the city has issued an all 
clear for the quake & tsunami. We'll be at booth 112, if anyone wants to stop by 
& say hello.  Best, Jeanne --  Jeanne Platt Publicist Stone Bridge Press 
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cite="mid:AANLkTikrhPjpTF2m6DqOqfT_gvx9yRJ_tnCY49fD2opf at mail.gmail.com"       
type="cite">This article by Peter Wynn Kirby from the NY Times       Opinionator 
is an interesting combination of film criticism,       social commentary and 
public policy critique. Highly recommended:&nbsp;<a         

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