Top 20 Japanese film directors

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A couple of years ago, a list member posted a list of the Top 20 Japanese film 
directors. I can't remember whether this was a list voted for by critics or 
industry members or the general public, and I can't track it down by searching 
my old Emails. It would be very useful for me today! I wonder if any kind 
KineJapanner could forward it to me?


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Just months before that same year,another "bus" film by Hiroshi 
Shimizu,"Akatsuki no Gassho" had been released and Naruse was of course very 
much aware of the comparisons that would arise.
This film deals with yet another conductress and again contains no traces of a 
country at war (apparently it was filmed in Akita Prefecture which suggests 
films were moving away from the capital area to avoid it). 


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>> This has the feel of a story of the near past, only pretending to be in the 
>This is true of one Naruse's early post-war films.  I get a feeling that this 
>could as easily have been set around 1930 as around the latter 1940s. (This is 
>another of my top 1940s Naruse films). ;~} 

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