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Perhaps try sales executive Komatsu Shion (shion_komatsu at shochiku.co.jp) at Shochiku as a first point of call.  

He's the guy who posts to their Twitter account and is very responsive by email. Depends on the nature of your enquiry of course. And he'll be busy pre-Cannes where Shochiku are selling Yamada's forthcoming THE LITTLE HOUSE (小さいおうち).


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> Does anyone know the right contact of director Yamada Yoji's(山田洋次)?  Appreciate for sharing indirect contacts as well, such as his assistant or agent.   
> Thanks a lot!  Kobe  
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> Alexander Street Press is moving into streaming video in a big way. They contracted with Jeannette Paulson (former director of Hawaii Film Festival) to stream all the films she's had on her own website. There are a few decent Japanese films in there.  http://alexanderstreet.com/products/asian-studies-video
> And now they have a new newsreel collection that has most of Nippon News from 1940's first edition to the end of the war. There are even translations on the side, and when you click a given paragraph you jump to that point in the film. It's breathtaking when I think of the lengths to which I went to watch this stuff back in the early 1990s. http://alexanderstreet.com/products/world-newsreels-online-1929-1966  
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