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A couple recent stories about the state of the industry by people who know.



Working in the film industry as a non-Japanese has its own challengesBY JAMES
HADFIELD <https://www.japantimes.co.jp/author/int-james_hadfield/>

Torel: They’re not making their money back because of the film committee
system, where each party who’s invested can make their money back doing
this thing — doing their music promotion or something like that — and
therefore the film’s not making enough money but everybody is inside. It’s
just cash flow.

Surefire formulas failed Japanese cinema in 2017BY MARK SCHILLING

A growing gap between the rich, led by production/distribution behemoth
Toho, and the poor, such as young directors making indie films for the
“mini theater” (art house) market. The former produce films almost
exclusively from proven properties in other media, particularly manga,
while the latter face a steady shrinkage in both budgets and screening
slots. The end result: a creative hollowing-out.


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