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I was just passing Okuma Kodo and noticed a grand red carpet gracing the
steps, lined with flags saying "Waseda Film Festival." It turns out it's a
little festival for films made by the university's film club (it runs today
and tomorrow).

What I thought It'd note is an event billed as Obayashi Nobuhiko's "Last
Lecture" (Saigo no Kogi). At first, I thought this was some unfortunate
choice by some insensitive students who have yet to face death in any
meaningful way. But then I saw that the event is actually being organized
by Terebi Man Union and is being recorded for broadcast on NHK BS1 next

Unfortunately for me, it's only for students. If you're a student in the
area, it starts at 10 at Okuma Kodo. But in a small hall, so get there
early or try to make a reservation.

I'm impressed by Obayashi's will to stay on his feet as long as possible.
After seeing Hanagatami—which if anything is absolutely _youthful_—I'm not
surprised at all.



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