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Markus Nornes nornes at umich.edu
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> And, of course, while nominally there is a female protagonist at the
> center, the male scriptwriter and director quite honestly called the film
> “Tomerareru ka, Ore-tachi o”; it’s clearly an “Ore-tachi” perspective. Of
> course I wasn’t at Wakamatsu Productions at the time, but having met quite
> a few of the people that are protagonists in the film I would be surprised
> if this film comes even close to showing how the gender relations
> “actually” played out
I knew almost nothing about the film going in, so when I recognized who the
main character was going to be the irony of the title haunted the film. I
wonder how many Japanese spectators will feel this?  Of course, from
another perspective, Yoshizumi virtually had to masquerade as one of the
boys to survive, so the title is perfect.

That the real working conditions for women weren't represented is hardly
surprising. To do so, Toei would have to confront that issue in their own
offices and sets.

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