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I know we should separate the director as a person from the work, but
several years ago Kawase was the guest of honor for about a week in Seoul
and she was rude, ungrateful, condescending and historically insensitive in
ways that were absolutely jaw-dropping. One event was a two-hour
conversation she was to have with Kim Soyoung and the audience - I think
from 7-9 one evening. The theater was packed. She was forty minutes late -
she just walked on stage announcing, "I've been shopping" - no apology to
anyone. Then she looked around and said, "This is a beautiful theater - the
Japanese must have built it for you." In the middle of Prof. Kim's opening
question to her she said to her, "Wait - who are you?" and didn't seem to
listen to the answer.  She more than once criticized questions as "boring"
before tossing off an answer. One of the boring questions was "what
filmmakers have helped shape your work" to which she replied she watches
only her own films. And well before the time was up, she suddenly declared,
"Oh that's enough" and marched off stage - no thank you, no goodbye,
nothing. After being treated like royalty for week and having her films
screened and discussed etc. Anyway I realize that my reason for flinching
when I heard she got the olympics film isn't quite professional but this
glimpse of her has conditioned any subsequent information i have had on
her. I still can't tell if my mail to this list is delivered or not. I hope
earl jackson
Earl Jackson
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On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 10:07 AM Frederick Veith <notreconciled at gmail.com>

> Aaron, I'm curious about the nature of the criticism you're seeing on
> Facebook and Twitter. What is it that people are objecting to? The Asahi
> piece is behind a paywall, so I'm not getting much from that beyond a
> purported tension between the "private" nature of her work, and the
> "public" nature of the event.
> Fred.
> On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 7:23 AM Gerow Aaron <aaron.gerow at yale.edu> wrote:
>> It’s Ishitobi-san, with whom I got to work last year at the Tokyo Film
>> Festival. It’s interesting he was allowed to write about his qualms. But
>> I’ve seen a lot more criticism on Facebook and Twitter.
>> Aaron
>> > 2018/10/27 午後6:20、Rea Amit <reavolution at gmail.com> のメール:
>> >
>> > An Asahi editor harshly criticizes Kawase's pick, calling it a mismatch:
>> >
>> >
>> https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASLBV40ZWLBVULZU002.html?jumpUrl=http%253A%252F%252Fdigital.asahi.com%252Farticles%252FASLBV40ZWLBVULZU002.html%253F_requesturl%253Darticles%252FASLBV40ZWLBVULZU002.html%2526amp%253Brm%253D144
>> >
>> > I'm looking forward for the games to be over already, so I could watch
>> it!
>> >
>> > Rea
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