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Fri Jun 14 19:26:47 EDT 2019

Wow! Thank you everyone.
I've gotten quite a lot of responses, which I am very grateful for.
I think we have enough for now, but I will certainly reply to any
additional emails I receive.
There are still some of you whom I need to respond to, I will do so as soon
as I can!

On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 5:28 PM Jeremy Harley <jeremyharley at gmail.com>

> Dear Kine Japan,
> I will be supervising the English portion of the Yamagata (YIDFF) catalog
> again this year, and I am looking for translators - naturally those who
> translate from Japanese into English and not the other way around.
> There is naturally payment, but as it is modest, I always favor graduate
> students interested in trying their hand at translation. Needless to say,
> professionals in the field are more than welcome too, and most of our
> translators indeed fall into this category.
> The variety of subjects one tackles is fascinating, if that is the kind of
> thing that interests you.
> I ultimately end up revising everyone's work, but I do ask that all
> translators have "native level" English ability.
> The work starts in late July, and gets busy in August and September.
> If you are interested, or have any students you think might be interested,
> please contact me off list.
> Thank you!
> Jeremy
> Mabashi Wonderland Movie Festival
> jeremyharley at gmail.com
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