[KineJapan] translators for catalog: Yamagata International Documentary Festival

Jeremy Harley jeremyharley at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 04:28:08 EDT 2019

Dear Kine Japan,
I will be supervising the English portion of the Yamagata (YIDFF) catalog
again this year, and I am looking for translators - naturally those who
translate from Japanese into English and not the other way around.

There is naturally payment, but as it is modest, I always favor graduate
students interested in trying their hand at translation. Needless to say,
professionals in the field are more than welcome too, and most of our
translators indeed fall into this category.

The variety of subjects one tackles is fascinating, if that is the kind of
thing that interests you.
I ultimately end up revising everyone's work, but I do ask that all
translators have "native level" English ability.

The work starts in late July, and gets busy in August and September.
If you are interested, or have any students you think might be interested,
please contact me off list.

Thank you!
Mabashi Wonderland Movie Festival
jeremyharley at gmail.com
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