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 Dear Almir,Just a couple of pointers, although there must be many more..A couple of his films were reviewed on Midnight Eyehttp://www.midnighteye.com/reviews/strange-circus/
And can your student read italian ? There's a short chapter by Matteo Boscarol in NihonEiga- Storia del Cinema Giapponese 1970 al 2010, as well as 2 pages on 'Love Exposure'.Roger

    On Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 13:38:01 BST, Almir Almas via KineJapan <kinejapan at mailman.yale.edu> wrote:  
Dear all of you, here at the University of São Paulo,Brazil, my undergraduate student, who I am advising in the final course work,is writing a research on Shion Sono.


Please, would anyone have some bibliographic tips, such asfilm studies, articles, books, digital links, or others, about his work(cinematographic, videographic, television, poetry, etc)? 


My student attends the Superior Course of Audiovisual,Department of Cinema, Radio and Television, School of Communications and Artsof the University of São Paulo.

If there is someone, please, could you give me tips? Thiscan be in private also, please: alalmas at gmail.com.



Almir Almas (Ph.D)

Head of Department - Chefe de Departamento

Department of Film, Radio and Television - Departamento de Cinema, Rádio e Televisão

Escola deComunicações e Artes - School of Communications and Arts
Universidadede São Paulo - University of Sao Paulo.alalmas at usp.br
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