[KineJapan] Shusenjo lawsuit in the Mainichi

Markus Nornes nornes at umich.edu
Sat Jun 29 19:44:20 EDT 2019

The Mainichi published a lengthy English article on the lawsuit trying to
quash the recent blockbuster (for a doc) comfort women film.


 The article doesn’t go into what I find most to print. This was a model of
ethical documentary for making practice. He explained what he was doing to
his subjects he asked them to sign release forms. He let them know when the
film was completed and that it would be shown in regular theaters.  And
because of those efforts, which to many Asian documentary filmmaker‘s blow
off,  The lawsuit has no standing. It’s rather incredible they are even

This makes the lawsuit all the more egregious, because even if it’s
frivolous it will seriously eat into the modest profits of both filmmaker
and Tofoo distribution company.

Tofoo  certainly predicted it would have such troubles. I really admire
their unflinching efforts.


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