[KineJapan] Reiwa Destroyed Pink Film

Markus Nornes nornes at umich.edu
Mon May 6 00:59:15 EDT 2019

So last night was the final Pink Taisho, the pink film awards. It was the
31st edition, meaning it was roughly bound by the Heisei era; needless to
say, no one has mentioned this in all the silly hoopla around the start of
the new era. There were still nearly 40 pink films made last year. But they
were all from Okura, so it's not much of an awards competition
(interestingly enough, this reveals how these award shows are as much about
competition between companies as between films or filmmakers). Here is
their page announcing the event's demise, along with the competition films.


I couldn't go. I was throwing a Cinco de Mayo party. Adachi Masao was on
hand. I told him about the award show and its announced end. He could care
less. It says as much as Adachi as an artist as it does the heterogeneity
and historical transformations of pink.

I know at least one colleague from KineJapan was there. Waiting for a
report from the ground..........



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