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The 19th edition of the Japanese Film Festival Nippon Connectionwill 
take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from May 28 to June 2, 2019. 
The program comprises more than 100 short and feature films, most of 
them shown as German, European, international, or world premieres. The 
festival will open with Akiko Oku’scomedy Marriage Hunting Beauty. Other 
film highlights include Sho Miyake’ssubtle drama And Your Bird Can Sing, 
the epic period piece The Chrysanthemum And The Guillotineby Takahisa 
Zeze, as well as a special screening of Macoto Tezka’scult classic The 
Legend Of The Stardust Brothersin a restored version. For the complete 
line-up and timetable, please visit the festival’s 

Numerous filmmakers and artists from Japan will present their works in 
person. The guest list includes directors Ryuichi Hiroki, Junji 
Sakamoto, Toshiaki Toyoda, and Nobuhiro Yamashita, among others. As this 
year’s guest of honor, director and actor Shinya Tsukamotowill receive 
the Nippon Honor Award. The festival will showcase the German premiere 
of his latest film Killingand two of his classics, Tetsuo: The Iron 
Manand Tokyo Fist. He will give some insight into his work and reflect 
upon his career in a film talk with Tom Mes.

The film program will also have a special focus directed at the topic of 
/Outlaws and Outsiders/. With the Japanese society having a strong 
collectivist imprint, many films from Japan tell the stories of people 
who don’t fit in with the accepted norms or refuse to fulfil 
expectations dictated by custom and tradition. This includes sexual 
minorities as well as juvenile delinquents, illegal immigrants, or 
people with psychological disorders. The topic will be taken up in film 
talks, Q&A sessions, and a panel discussion moderated by Luk van Haute.

This year’s retrospective, organized in cooperation with the Japan 
Foundation, pays homage to one of the most outstanding actresses from 
Japan. Under the title /Ayako Wakao – Magnificent Icon of Japanese 
Cinema/, eight films in 35mm and 16mm format represent the impressive 
repertoire of the radiant screen queen Ayako Wakao, who collaborated 
with directors as Yasujiro Ozu, Kon Ichikawa, Yuzo Kawashima, and Yasuzo 

A diverse supporting programwill include concerts, performances, and 
workshops. Film-related lectures will be given by Tom Mes(University of 
Leiden): The Endless Road Of Lone Wolf And Cub, Alexander 
Zahlten(Harvard University): Alternative Histories Of Japanese Film: How 
The 1970s Changed Everything, Roland Domenig(Meiji Gakuin University 
Tokyo): Movie Theaters In Japan –Past And Present, and Ilan Nguyen(Tokyo 
University of the Arts): Remembering Isao Takahata: A Personal View On 
Post-War Japan’s Most Influential Animation Director.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!



Marion Klomfass

Festival director

Nippon Connection ** * * 19th Japanese Film Festival May 28 – June 2, 
2019 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Office: Nippon Connection e.V., c/o 
Atelierfrankfurt, Raum 5.08 Schwedlerstraße 1-5, 60314 Frankfurt am 
Main, Germany Mobile: +49 177 467 11 41 Phone: +49 69 847 765 65, Fax: 
+49 69 847 765 66 Marion at NipponConnection.com www.NipponConnection.com


Program Survey(as of May 4, 2019)


And Your Bird Can Sing(Kimi no tori wa utaeru) by Sho Miyake, J 2018

Another World (Hansekai) by Junji Sakamoto, J 2018, EP

Asako I & II(Netemo sametemo) by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, J 2018, GP

The Chrysanthemum And The Guillotine(Kiku to girochin) by Takahisa Zeze, 
J 2018, GP

Dare To Stop Us(Tomerareru ka, oretachi o) by Kazuya Shiraishi, J 2018, GP

Dawn Wind In My Poncho(Poncho ni yoake no kaze haramasete) by Satoru 
Hirohara, J 2017, EP

Fly Me To The Saitama(Tonde Saitama) by Hideki Takeuchi, J 2019, GP

Hard-Core by Nobuhiro Yamashita, J 2018, GP

Inuyashikiby Shinsuke Sato J 2018, GP

It's Boring Here, Pick Me Up (Koko wa taikutsu mukae ni kite) by Ryuichi 
Hiroki, J 2018, EP

jam by SABU, J 2018, GP

Killing (Zan,) by Shinya Tsukamoto, J 2018, GP

Love At Least (Ikiteru dake de, ai) by Kosai Sekine, J 2018, GP

Lying To Mom (Suzukike no uso) by Katsumi Nojiri, J 2018, GP

Marriage Hunting Beauty (Bijin ga konkatsu shite mitara) by Akiko Oku, J 
2018, GP

The Miracle Of Crybaby Shottan (Nakimushi Shottan no kiseki) by Toshiaki 
Toyoda, J 2018, GP

Ramen Shop(Kazoku no reshipi) by Eric Khoo, SGP/J/F 2018

Room Launderingby Kenji Katagiri, J 2018, GPThicker Than Water(Kenen) by 
Keisuke Yoshida, J 2018, GP

We Are Little Zombies by Makoto Nagahisa, J 2019

Special Screening: Tetsuo: The Iron Man(Tetsuo) by Shinya Tsukamoto, J 1989

Special Screening: Tokyo Fistby Shinya Tsukamoto, J 1995

Special Screening: The Legend Of The Stardust Brothers (Hoshikuzu kyodai 
no densetsu) by Macoto Tezka, J 1985


Liz And The Blue Bird(Rizu to aoi tori) by Naoko Yamada, J 2018, GP

Okko’s Inn (Wakaokami wa shogakusei!)by Kitaro Kosaka, J 2018, GP

Penguin Highway by Hiroyasu Ishida, J 2018, GP

Hiroyasu Ishida: Animation Shorts

Transience – The Best of Recent Indie Animation

Tokyo University Of The Arts: Animation Shorts

Nippon Filmfrühstück: Mirai (Mirai no mirai) by Mamoru Hosoda, J 2018


Ahum (Aun) by Yu Kajino, J 2018, IP

Blue Hour (Buru awa ni buttobasu) by Yuko Hakota, J 2019, EP

The Call Of Zon (Zon kara no messeji) by Takuji Suzuki, J 2018, IP

The Chaplain(Kyokaishi) by Dai Sako, J 2018, IP

Complicityvon Kei Chikaura, J/CHN 2018

Jesus (Boku wa Iesusama ga kirai) by Hiroshi Okuyama, J 2018, GP

Life Finds A Way (Futsu wa hashiridasu) by Hirobumi Watanabe, J 2018, IP

Melancholic by Seiji Tanaka, J 2018, GP

Sea (Kaibatsu) by Kensei Takashi, J 2018, IP

She Is Alone (Kanojo wa hitori) by Natsuki Nakagawa, J 2018, IP

Tourism by Daisuke Miyazaki, J/SGP 2018, EP

Who Knows About My Life (Yotei wa mitei) by Teppei Isobe, J 2018, IP

Special Screening: Memento Stellaby Takashi Makino, J/HK 2018, GP

JVTA Meets PIA Film Festival: Shorts, IP

Nippon Connection Shorts

Ryuichi SAKAMOTO: async Short Film Competition


Boy Soldiers: The Secret War In Okinawa(Okinawa supai senshi) by Chie 
Mikami & Hanayo Oya, J 2018, EP

 From All Corners(Tabi suru danboru) by Ryusuke Okajima, J 2018, EP

I Go Gaga, My Dear(Bokemasukara yoroshiku onegaishimasu.) by Naoko 
Nobutomo, J 2018, IP

KAGURA Troupe On The Beat (Mawari kagura) by Kano Endo & Mirai Osawa, J 
2017, GP

Portraits Of The Rainbowby Ayumi Nakagawa, J 2018, GP

Sending Off (Omiokuri ~Sending Off~) by Ian Thomas Ash, J 2019, WP

Shinjuku Tigerby Yoshinori Sato, J 2019, IP

Tower Of The Sun(Taiyo no to) by Kosai Sekine J 2018, IP

NHK World-Japan Special Screenings:

10 Years With Hayao Miyazaki. Episode 1: Ponyo Is Hereby Kaku Arakawa, J 

The Pianist From Syriaby Kaori Hizume, J 2018


An Actor’s Revenge (Yukinojo henge) by Kon Ichikawa, J 1963

The Blue Sky Maiden  (Aozora musume) by Yasuzo Masumura, J 1957Elegant 
Beast (Shitoyakana kedamono) by Yuzo Kawashima, J 1962

Floating Weeds (Ukikusa) by Yasujiro Ozu, J 1959

The Goddess of Mercy(Manji) by Yasuzo Masumura, J 1964

The Red Angel (Akai tenshi) by Yasuzo Masumura, J 1966

Seisaku’s Wife(Seisaku no tsuma) by Yasuzo Masumura, J 1965

Women Are Born Twice (Onna wa nido umareru)by Yuzo Kawashima, J 1961

GP: German Premiere / EP: European Premiere /IP: International Premiere 
/ WP: World Premiere*
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