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Sat May 11 08:49:18 EDT 2019

dear kinejapaners,

I am interested in writings on Toshio Matsumoto's neo-documentarism,  
does anyone on the list have an electronic version of the most  
essential essay on that, and / or related writings by him; or  

Was Matsumoto in that respect also influential on landscape film and  
landscape theory (1960-70s Japanese political cinema)?

Also, can someone perhaps help to source abstract  
animation-experimental film work by the youngish Japanese experimental  
film maker Makino Takashi, which hovers in between abstract and  

Lastly, does anyone have some potential references to 'Dust' or  
'Sand/desert' Films? Both feature (as the wonderful 'Woman in the  
Dunes directed by y Hiroshi Teshigahara (1964) as well as anime?

Aaaaaaany help much appreciated.

Thank you.

dr verina gfader
artist and researcher
Animate Assembly[1]
Cloud Chamber[2]

[1] http://art.gold.ac.uk/animate/
[2] https://antipyrine.dk/products/verina-gfader-cloud-chamber
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