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Here is a decent review by Kazuma Hashimoto of the new game that trades on
the Kurosawa name. I closest I have come to this is the online trailer.
Ironically, the “Kurosawa Mode” is just black and white, while a few of the
color bits included are direct quotes of Kagemusha. This review suggests
the game is pretty much what you’d expect:

“ A game that so heavily carries itself on the laurels of one of the most
prolific Japanese filmmakers should investigate and reflect on his work in
the same way that the audience engages with other pieces of media like film
and literature. What is the intent of the creator versus the work’s broader
meaning in relation to current events, or the history of the culture that
is ultimately serving as a backdrop to yet another open-world romp? And how
do these things intertwine and create something that can flirt on an edge
of misunderstanding? Ghost of Tsushimais a surface-level reflection of
these questions and quandaries, sporting a lens through which to experience
Kurosawa, but not to understand his work. It ultimately doesn’t deal with
the politics of the country it uses as a backdrop. For the makers of the
game, recreating Kurosawa is just black and white.”




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