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I'm very glad Kazu wrote this piece, despite the fact that this will expose
him to a hefty amount of online abuse (he recently privated his twitter
account in preparation). The game studio Sucker Punch's marketing for Ghost
of Tsushima relies heavily on its adherence to a certain kind of
authenticity ("we photoscanned leaves from Tsushima! we invited Real Life
Samurai to our studio!") without, it seems, a consideration for the stakes
of history.

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> Here is a decent review by Kazuma Hashimoto of the new game that trades on
> the Kurosawa name. I closest I have come to this is the online trailer.
> Ironically, the “Kurosawa Mode” is just black and white, while a few of the
> color bits included are direct quotes of Kagemusha. This review suggests
> the game is pretty much what you’d expect:
> “ A game that so heavily carries itself on the laurels of one of the most
> prolific Japanese filmmakers should investigate and reflect on his work in
> the same way that the audience engages with other pieces of media like film
> and literature. What is the intent of the creator versus the work’s broader
> meaning in relation to current events, or the history of the culture that
> is ultimately serving as a backdrop to yet another open-world romp? And how
> do these things intertwine and create something that can flirt on an edge
> of misunderstanding? Ghost of Tsushimais a surface-level reflection of
> these questions and quandaries, sporting a lens through which to experience
> Kurosawa, but not to understand his work. It ultimately doesn’t deal with
> the politics of the country it uses as a backdrop. For the makers of the
> game, recreating Kurosawa is just black and white.”
> https://www.polygon.com/2020/7/23/21333631/ghost-of-tsushima-kurosawa-films-samurai-japan-abe-politics
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