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 M. Auvray: 

Merci! I appreciate your kind words. 

If you wish to review the French edition of the DVD, you may write a review of it and send it to me, and I will edit it and post it on the website. 

Also, if you would like to become a member of IUTAS (membership is free), I will add your name with a brief bio if you would forward that to me. I will contact you privately to give you the information you need.  

 Thanks again, 

David Baldwin
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Dear M. Baldwin,

This is wonderful news to hear about a website about the great Tomu Uchida !
I just made a quick visit and, if I can make a little contribution, I would
like to draw your attention about a french video release of the Musashi
films in a DVD boxset :


Thank you again for providing so many informations about the filmmaker.
Best regards,
David Auvray.

Le mer. 28 juil. 2021 ? 22:55, John D. Baldwin via KineJapan <
kinejapan at mailman.yale.edu> a ?crit :

> I would like to draw this list?s attention to the creation of a new
> organization and website in honor of the great Japanese director Uchida
> Tomu (1898-1970). It is called IUTAS: The International Uchida Tomu
> Appreciation Society, located at www.uchidatomu.com.
> The website is at once an information resource, a blog and a club. (Note:
> the site is only for educational and social, not marketing, purposes.) Here
> is a brief summary of what can already be found there.
>    - An Introduction post that explains how I became aware of Uchida Tomu
>    and in which I make a case for him as a major artist
>    - A long Biography page which is, as far as I know, the most complete
>    bio of Uchida ever published in the English-speaking world
>    - A blog that now includes extensive reviews of five Uchida films: A
>    Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji (1955), Police Officer (1933), The Mad Fox
>    (1962), Twilight Saloon (1955) and a work of animation, Tale of Crab
>    Temple (1924 or 1925), which is Uchida?s earliest extant film. There
>    are many more reviews of Uchida?s movies for which I?ve composed the first
>    drafts, and these will be posted in finished form in the coming weeks.
>    - A complete Filmography of the director, with notes
>    - A Members page where IUTAS members can contribute their personal
>    bios and share their testimony about discovering Uchida and the experience
>    of seeing his films
>    - An Uchida Reviews page, on which I and others will post reviews of
>    DVDs, Blu-Rays, books and other Uchida-related items
>    - An About Us page with links to recommended Japanese Cinema sites
>    - A Contact page, including a brief video clip from Earth (1939).
> Among those who are currently IUTAS members are film critic and author
> Akasaka Daisuke, Dan Sallitt, the creator of A Mikio Naruse Companion online
> <https://mikionaruse.wordpress.com>and Hayley Scanlon, creator of the Windows
> on Worlds <http://www.windowsonworlds.com> site.
> Uchida Tomu?s achievements have been neglected for far too long. It's time
> to give him the recognition his stature in Japanese film history deserves.
> It's also time for those film fans who are not Japanese film scholars to
> begin to grasp the richness of Japanese Cinema beyond the work of the ?Big
> Three? ? Mizoguchi, Ozu and Kurosawa ? and this site can be considered a
> small step in that direction.
> www.uchidatomu.com
> David Baldwin
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