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June 19, 1998 Helene Meausette <mews at> wrote in a reply to:
>> I am trying to find a supllier (preferrably in the UK or Europe at a push) 
>> of fine netting material. Does anyone have the addresses (Postal or 
>> of any.
>I get mine at the local hardware store - netting for screen doors. Works
>wonderfully! Also, you can go to a "baby" store and get insect netting for
>baby. Sometimes fabric stores carry the same sort of thing - or similar
>netting-kind of material.

Another very fine-mazed material, I also used for making malaisetraps to 
catch even Mymaridae, which are among the tinyest of the parasitic wasps, is 
the nylon screen used for screen (offset?) printing. Try to obtain some from 
a local screenprint shop.


Ernst Neering

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