Butterfly Farming in PNG

Ernst.Neering at STAFF.TPE.WAU.NL Ernst.Neering at STAFF.TPE.WAU.NL
Wed Dec 31 20:00:00 EST 1969

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Hello there,

I would suggest you look at
in Chucks butterfly pages and ask further from there.

Another possibility is to ask the people of PUSPPENSSAT, in the Indonesian 
part of the island for information and/or addresses. They are located close 
to Nabiri, Irian Jaya. See
for details.

Have a good journey,
Ernst Neering
The Netherlands

June 25, 1998, Yang Y. L. wrote:
>Hi All:
>Does anyone know about Butterfly Farming in PNG. I will go to PNG in
>Aug. or Sep. What person or organisation I can contact? 
>Yaw-Long Yang
>yangyl at tesri.gov.tw
>Assistant Researcher
>Lab. Insect, Dept. Zool,
>Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute
>No. 1, Ming-Shen E. Rd, Chi-Chi, Nan-Tou, Taiwan, 552

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